On July 15, 2011 I flew to Paris, France for a five night stay.
I then flew to Budapest, Hungary for an eight day land tour.
The land tour included two nights in Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin.
The land tour ended in Copenhagen, Denmark where I boarded the Emerald Princess for an
eleven day cruise. The ports-of-call on the cruise were Oslo, Aarhus, Warnemunde, Tallinn,
Helsinki, Stockholm and an overnight stay in St. Petersburg, Russia.
After the cruise I spent two nights in Copenhagen before flying to Switzerland for twelve days.
In Switzerland I took a rail tour through the beautiful Swiss Alps.
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(Europe Land Tour)

(Cruise Route)

(Switzerland Rail Tour)
July 15:
Mount Vernon

July 16-21:
Paris, France

July 18:
Mont-Saint-Michel, France

July 20:
Bruges, Belgium

July 21-23:
Budapest, Hungary

July 23-25:
Vienna, Austria

July 25-27:
Prague, Czech Republic

July 27-29:
Berlin, Germany

July 29 - August 9:
Emerald Princess

July 30:
Oslo, Norway

July 31:
Aarhus, Denmark

August 1:
Northern Germany

August 3:
Tallinn, Estonia

August 4-5:
St. Petersburg, Russia

August 6:
Helsinki, Finland

August 7:
Stockholm, Sweden

August 9-11:
Copenhagen, Denmark

August 11-23:


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