Today I drove 47 miles from Bar Harbor, Maine to Ellsworth, Maine.

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Today was an ugly rainy day.
I started the day by driving the Acadia National Park 27-mile Loop Road.
Acadia National Park

I made a stop at Sandy Beach.
Sandy Beach Acadia National Park

I stayed mostly dry while along the coast.
Acadia National Park

As I turned inland the rains came.
Cadillac Mountain was completely fogged in.
Watch the video below for more of Acadia National Park.

23 minute video of my drive through Acadia National Park.

The Days Inn in Bar Harbor was disgusting so I checked out and
drove to Ellsworth, Maine and checked into the Ramada Inn.
Ramada Inn in Ellsworth, Maine
You can watch a short hotel report on my accommodations in the video below.

2 minute Road Report of today's journey.

Soggy greetings,

It's an early report today as I wasn't able to do a whole lot. I woke up in the Bar Harbor dump this morning, a.k.a. the Day's Inn. It was raining when I set out, but I was determined to see what I could of Acadia National Park despite the weather. It had actually stopped raining by the time I got to the first scenic vista point.

I drove around the park's scenic loop road. I stopped at the Sandy Beach and walked out to the water's edge.

It was surprisingly scenic even though the day was completely bleak.

I'm actually going to be back here in two weeks. One of the ports on my cruise is Bar Harbor. There were several cruise ships here the past couple days. The cruise ship season in this area is very short. Pretty much limited to a few weeks in the fall. The leaves are just now starting to change but not a lot of color yet. I'm hoping when I make my way south down the coast on the cruise the leaves will be at their peak.

It actually did not rain at all while I was driving along the coast on the park's scenic loop road. My boat was sailing off these shores yesterday.

I got to the turnoff for the summit of Cadillac Mountain. I knew that there would most likely not be anything to see up there, as I could see the top of the mountain was in the clouds. But I drove up anyway. When I got to the summit there was a 360 degree view. As long as you didn't hold your hand out more than 18 inches from your face you would get a nice view of your hand.

That's a picture of me driving at the summit. I'm lucky I didn't drive off the edge. I think viability got down to about .00001 of a mile. I didn't even get out of the car. I just turned around in the parking lot and went back down.

By the time I got down it was raining so I decided to leave the park. I was thankful I got to see what I did. From yesterday's forecast I thought it was going to be a complete washout. It did rain pretty good on my drive to Ellsworth, which is where I am spending the night. Tomorrow I drive the rest of the way up the coast of Maine and cross the border into Canada. I will be spending the next two weeks in Canada.

Goodbye for now,


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