Today I drove 212 miles from Ellsworth, Maine to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

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Saturday was a beautiful day as I drove the rest of
the way up the coast of Maine and into Canada.
My first stop was at the eastern most point in the continental United States.
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse was built in 1858, and is an active aid to navigation.
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

Watch the video below to see more of this distinctive lighthouse.

4 minute video of my visit to the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

Below is Lubec, Maine. The picture was taken across the harbor in New Brunswick, Canada.
Lubec, Maine

As you cross the border into New Brunswick, Canada from Lubec, Maine
you enter the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Below is the
Mulholland Point Light across the harbor from Lubec.
Mulholland Point Light in New Brunswick, Canada

The highlight of Roosevelt Campobello International Park is FDR's summer retreat.
Roosevelt Campobello International Park in New Brunswick, Canada

Roosevelt Campobello International Park preserves the house and surrounding landscape
of the summer retreat of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and their family.
Here in August 1921, 39-year-old Roosevelt, who would go on to become the 32nd President
of the United States, fell ill and was diagnosed with polio. FDR was no longer able to
stay at the "beloved island", but he sailed there in 1933 and visited briefly in 1936
and 1939. Eleanor Roosevelt loved the cool summer weather and visited many times with
her children and friends. After her death in 1962, the family deeded the property to the
governments of the U.S. and Canada. In 1964, they created the 2,800-acre International Park.
Watch the video below for a complete tour of the house and park.

15 minute video of my visit to Roosevelt Campobello International Park.

After leaving the park I drove to St. John, Newbrunswick for the night.
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Saint John.
Holiday Inn Express in downtown Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Watch the dash cam video below for more details on today's journey.
Including a hotel report on tonight's accommodations at the end of the video.

46 minute Road Report of today's journey.

Greetings from Canada,

Yesterday's rainy weather has gone away and today was another nice sunny day, but much cooler. Today's high temperature didn't even reach 60. I set out this morning from Ellsworth, Maine and drove 100 miles to West Quoddy Head.

This is the eastern most point in the contiguous United States. The monument in front of the lighthouse says that but you can't read it in the picture. This is one of my favorite lighthouses.

The lighthouse is only a few miles from Lubec Maine. Lubec is as far north as you can go along the coast in Maine. You can go much further north inland but you're in Canada along the coast north of here. Below is a picture taken from Mulholland Point in New Brunswick. That is Lubec, Maine across the bay from the lighthouse.

The picture above and below are part of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Below is the summer retreat of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family, located on the southern tip of Campobello Island.

I got to walk all through the house complete with original furnishings. One of the Roosevelt's children was born in this house. I really enjoyed my visit here.

I had to drive back into the United States after my visit as you can't go anywhere from these Canadian islands. I drove 58 miles west before I crossed back in to Canada. I lost an hours time doing so. I am now in the Atlantic time zone. I was in the small town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick after crossing the border. I was hungry and in need of some lunch. I bet you can guess the first restaurant I came upon. If you guessed Tim Horton's you would of course be correct. I had a delicious steak and cheese panini. From here it was a 70 mile, or should I say 120 kilometer drive to Saint John, which is where I am spending the night. Below is a picture of my drive on New Brunswick's Route 1.

I am staying at a very nice Holiday Inn Express in downtown Saint John. They upgraded me to a suite on the top floor with a nice view of the city for free. I have platinum status with IHG and get automatic free upgrades when available. Below is Saint John as seen from my hotel room window.

The cruise ship you see in the picture is the MS Europa 2. My ship is scheduled to be in that exact spot two weeks from today when I come back to Saint John on my cruise.

That's all I have for today,


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