I spent today along the coast of Maine around Portland.
I drove 43 miles from Portland to Freeport.

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Weather was better on Tuesday, but still a lot of fog on the coast.
I spent the day in and around Portland.
Below is the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse which was my first stop of the day.
Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

And just a few miles away is the Portland Head Lighthouse.
Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

The Portland Head Lighthouse is situated along the spectacular shores of Fort Williams Park.
Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Watch the video below to see more of these two lighthouses.

7 minute video of the lighthouses in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The day was definitely not without problems.
The constant fog along the coast hampered everything I wanted to see.
Parking in downtown Portland is an absolute nightmare.
I ended the disappointing day in nearby Freeport, Maine.
I checked into the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Freeport, Maine

Watch the dash cam video below for more details about today's travels.
Including a hotel report on tonight's accommodations at the end of the video.

11 minute Road Report of today's journey.

Hello everyone,

Today was a very aggravating day. The weather was basically good except for this patchy fog at every place I stopped along the coast. The first place I stopped was at the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse.

My next stop was at the Portland Head Lighthouse. This was another very scenic spot, but again the fog ruined it.

Next it was in to downtown Portland where I was going to take a lighthouse cruise in the harbor. It is impossible to find a place to park in Portland. Every lot or garage was marked full. Every street space was taken and with my feet I had to get some place close because my feet can't handle a long walk. I probably circled the area for about an hour before giving up. Below is a screen grab from my hour of dash cam video of downtown Portland.

The dam fog only got worse as the day went along and none of the scenic places I planned to stop along the coast ended up being doable. I'm now in my hotel in Freeport, Maine trying to send this email on the world's slowest hotel wifi. I'm planning to continue further north along the coast tomorrow. The forecast is for a nice day, but so was today and that sure didn't work out.


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