Today I drove 87 miles from Waterbury, Vermont to White River Junction, Vermont.

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During the short drive I made a quick stop at the state capital in Montpelier.
Vermont State Capital Building in Montpelier

Most of the day was spent dodging the rain.
I checked into a Comfort Inn in White River Junction, Vertmont.
I drove down to North Hartland and drove over the Willard Twin Covered Bridge.
Willard Twin Covered Bridge in North Hartland, Vermont

I checked into the Comfort Inn in White River Junction, Vermont.
Comfort Inn in White River Junction, Vermont

I also drove over to nearby Hanover, New Hampshire to see the movie Sully.
Watch the dash cam video below for more details about today's journey.
Which also includes a hotel report on tonight's accommodations at the end of the video.

22 minute Road Report about today's journey.

Hello Folks,

It's going to be a short report today. It rained most of the day today. I had a day planned driving around the back roads of Vermont and visiting about a dozen covered bridges. I set out from the hotel this morning to do this even though it was raining, but it just wasn't any fun in such gloomy weather that I quickly gave up. I went back to my hotel and checked out a day early. I figured I would get closer to my destination tomorrow so I wouldn't have so far to drive.

I made a quick stop in Montpelier and took a picture of the state capitol. I got wet doing this.

I hopped back on Interstate 89 after my brief visit to Montpelier. Below is a screen grab from the dash cam during my rainy drive.

When I got to White River Junction it had stopped raining. There are a couple covered bridges in North Hartland which was only 5 miles from there. So I drove down to see them. They are pictured below. The larger of the two covered bridges is behind the first one. I couldn't get a good vantage point, there were no trespassing signs posted everywhere.

I drove back to White River Junction and had lunch and then checked into a Comfort Inn. It felt strange checking into a hotel without a reservation. I never do that, I have to plan everything. I have a phobia about getting somewhere and there being no place to stay.

This afternoon I went to see the movie Sully. I saw it in a 100 year old theater in downtown Hanover, New Hampshire. Dartmouth College was just two blocks down the road.

It wasn't the day that I had planned but it wasn't a bad day.

That's it for today,


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