Today I drove a measly 28 miles from Watkins Glen, New York to Ithaca, New York.

First thing Thursday morning I visited Watkins Glen State Park.

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New York's Watkins Glen State Park

The centerpiece of the park is a 400-foot-deep narrow gorge cut through rock by a stream,
Glen Creek, that was left hanging when glaciers of the Ice age deepened the Seneca valley.
New York's Watkins Glen State Park

Watch the video below to see my climb through the park.

9 minute video of my visit to Watkins Glen State Park.

After leaving the park I drove to nearby Ithaca, New York.
I spent the night at the Ramada Ithaca Hotel & Conference Center.
Ramada Ithaca Hotel & Conference Center

Watch the dash cam video below for more details about today's journey.
Including a hotel report on tonight's accommodations at the end of the video.

12 minute Road Report about today's journey.


After I woke up this morning I visited Watkins Glen State Park, which was just down the street about a mile away. I was a little concerned if I should even attempt the place since there were about a thousand stairs to tackle. Below is the Sentry Bridge at the beginning of the park as you are entering the gorge.

It was nice and cool in the gorge, a nice break from this unseasonal heat wave we are having.

I slowly made my way through the gorge and its many steps.

The gorge trail goes on for about two miles. Needless to say I was able to do only a small fraction of that. Youth is wasted on the young. Below is the point I turned around and went back.

After Watkins Glen it was only about a 30 mile drive to where I am spending the night in Ithaca, New York. Like yesterday there are waterfalls in the area but they were either closed, dry or involved long hikes. So once again my afternoon plans did not go as scheduled.

Thunderstorms rolled in around 4:00. Since I finished my day a little early today I started working on my YouTube travel videos. I have upload the first one of Columbus, Ohio. You can find it at It's not quite as exotic as my last trip.

This evening I went to see the latest Star Trek movie. I got back to the hotel in time to see most of the football game. I am watching now as I work on this email. Panthers just took the lead 14-7. I love football season.

That's it for today,


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