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We sailed into Cádiz, Spain just before dawn on Tuesday morning.
Port of Cadiz, Spain just before dawn Port of Cadiz, Spain just before dawn Port of Cadiz, Spain just before dawn

It took just under two hours to get to Seville from Cádiz on this hot August day.
Our first stop in Seville was at the Plaza de España.
It is the epitome of the Moorish Revival in Spanish architecture.
Plaza de España Plaza de España Streets of Seville, Spain

Next we toured the The Royal Alcázar of Seville, originally a Moorish fort.
The Cathedral of Seville is the largest Gothic cathedral and the fourth largest Christian church in the world.
The Plaza Virgen de Los Reyes is located just outside the cathedral.
The Royal Alcázar of Seville Cathedral of Seville Plaza Virgen de Los Reyes

We walked along the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz district.
Narrow streets of the Santa Cruz district Narrow streets of the Santa Cruz district Square in the Old Quarter of Seville

We had a very nice lunch at The Tryp Macarena Hotel complete with flemenco music and dancers.
The Tryp Macarena Hotel The Tryp Macarena Hotel The Tryp Macarena Hotel

After lunch I took a walk around the area located just outside the old city walls.
The Parliament building of the autonomous community of Andalucía & the Macarena Gate are here.
The old city walls Parliament building of the autonomous community of Andalucía Arco de la Macarena

11 minute video of Seville, Spain.

After a very enjoyable, but warm day in Seviile it was nice to return to the much cooler Cádiz.
At 6:00 P.M. we set sail for our next port of call.
cadiz a moret monument Sea Princess docked in Cadiz, Spain Setting sail on the Sea Princess in Cadiz, Spain

11 minute video of the Sea Princess arriving & departing from Cádiz, Spain.


Wednesday was a sea day as we made our way to Barcelona.

Hello Everyone,

I had sailed away from Southampton on Saturday evening last time we talked. Sunday was the first of two sea days. It was a pretty rocky one. The North Atlantic isn't the smoothest body of water in the world. It didn't bother me any but a lot of folks didn't begin their cruise on a very happy note. The dancers on stage during the evening's entertainment really had their work cut out for them with the ship rocking from side to side.

The weather and sea conditions improved greatly on Monday. It was a beautiful day and was able to spend a lot of time outside on the open decks. In the evening it was the first formal night and the Captain's welcome reception. As has been the case with every cruise I have taken, the Captain is from Italy. He made his way through the Grand Atrium and shook hands with the passengers and then introduced his fellow officers onboard the ship.

Tuesday was our first port. We arrived in Cádiz, Spain as the sun was coming up. Cádiz is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe.

It was then a one hour a forty-five minute drive to Seville, where I would spend most of the day. Our first stop was at Plaza de España. This was just a quick photo stop.

Next it was off to the old part of the city where we continued on foot. Our first stop was the Royal Alcazar, a Moorish fortress rebuilt as a palace. Many centuries of Spanish Royalty has resided here.

Next we walked over to the cathedral, we passed through Plaza Virgen de Los Reyes on the way.

The 15th century Cathedral of Seville which is the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe and the fourth largest Christian church in the world. You almost needed binoculars to see the ceiling.

We continued our walk through the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz district. Some streets so narrow that you can kiss the person on the balcony across the street from your balcony.

We had lunch at the Tryp Macarena Hotel, a beautiful old hotel. The buffet in the classic banquet hall seemed to go on for about a mile. We were entertained by flamenco music and dancers as we ate. And the nicest part of the lunch, it was air conditioned. It is very, very hot in Seville.

After lunch we drove around the city for a bit before driving back to Cádiz. We passed the bullfight arena and other local landmarks. Below is the Sea Princess docked in Cadiz as we returned from Seville.

We got back to Cádiz shortly before sail away. Below are my fellow passengers keeping cool by the pool just before sail away.

We followed Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas out of port this evening.

The Sea Princess followed her out and we headed toward the Strait of Gibraltar. Below is a picture looking back on Cádiz after our departure.

We passed through the strait around midnight. I could see the lights on the coast of Africa from my balcony as we made our way through the strait which is 8 kilometers wide at its narrowest point.

Today is sea day. The last one for a week as we will have seven ports in a row following today. It is another beautiful day today. Just spent several hours laying out on the deck. My favorite spot is on the top deck at the rear of the ship. Not as crowded and noisy as the pool area. We just passed the point that divides the eastern and western hemispheres and are now in the eastern hemisphere.

Am hoping that I am not gaining weight. I've been good in the mornings, I eat my healthy breakfast and pass right by all those eggs, pancakes, sausage and things I love. That's followed by at least an hour of walking around the promenade deck. But lunch and dinner has been a different story. I have eaten way too much and they are gonna have to lift me off this boat with a crane in 24 days.

Will write more after the next port,

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