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After 23 days of great weather on this trip, my luck ran out in the Faroe Islands.
Ten days ago when I tossed a coin in Trevi Fountain in Rome I wished for good weather the rest of trip.
It had worked wonders up until now. I had nice weather in Norway and the Shetlands, truly amazing!
On my tour of the Faroe Islands we stopped in the village of Sandavágur on the island of Vágar.
The beautiful red-roofed Church has a distinctive architecture and was built in 1917.
Fish Ladder Sandavágur Church Sandavágur

The beauty of the island was evident even during the bleak conditions that were occuring during my visit.
Tórshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands. It is located in the southern part on the east coast of Streymoy.
To the north west of the town lies 1,140 feet high mountain Húsareyn,
and to the southwest, 1,100 feet high Kirkjubřreyn. The city population is 19,000.
The city was founded in the 10th century and may well be the oldest capital in Northern Europe.
Scenic vista in Faroe Islands Tórshavn Tórshavn

We sailed away in early evening and could
see a few peeks of blue sky through the clouds.
Sailing through the Faroe Islands

11 minute video of the Faroe Islands and its capital Tórshavn.


Today's port was Tórshavn. Know where that is? It is the capital city of the Faroe Islands, on the island of Streymoy. There are 18 islands that make up the Faroe Islands. They are west of the Shetland Islands which is where I was yesterday. The Faroes are part of Denmark. Our sister ship Royal Princess is in port with us today. I have a booking to sail on her next fall so I got to give her a look. She is the smallest ship in the Princess fleet.

On my tour this morning we visited a few coastal villages of the islands. We stopped at the village of Leynar on the west coast of Streymoy. It is located very near the under sea tunnel to Vágar. Below is a picture of the fish ladder in the village.

Next we went through the under the sea tunnel to the island of Vágar and stopped in the village of Sandavágur to visit the church. The beautiful red-roofed Sandavágur Church has a distinctive architecture and was built in 1917.

The picture below was taken from the church in the village of Sandavágur on the island of Vágar.

Drove along a high mountain road with nice views. Well, as nice as they could be in the bleak conditions.

Unfortunately my luck with good weather ran out today. The islands are made up of tall green mountains creating deep beautiful fjords between the islands. Nice rugged coast lines and waterfalls everywhere. What I was able to see through the clouds and rain was quite impressive. This would have been a spectacular stop on a clear day.

We got a nice view of Tórshavn on our way back into town.

Lots of the houses and buildings here have grass roofs. I don't like mowing my lawn, I sure don't want to mow my roof. The picture below was taken from the ship of Tórshavn.

I had another tour booked for this afternoon but I was in no mood to go back out in the wind and rain so I skipped it. Tomorrow is a sea day and we will be traveling north west through the North Atlantic and will actually cross into the arctic circle for a short time. The Captain says that will last a couple of hours. And to think only a few short days ago folks were complaining about the heat. I didn't hear much of that today.

Below is a picture of us sailing through the Faroe Islands on our way to Iceland. You can even see a couple patches of blue sky.

More later,

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