FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017:

Today I drove a total of 233 miles traveling from Yuma, Arizona to Yucca Valley, CA.

The hightlight of the day was Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California.

23 minute video of Joshua Tree National Park.

I ended my day in Yucca Valley, California.

15 minute road report video of my travels from Yuma, Arizona to Yucca Valley, California.

Hello Folks,

Yesterday it was bright, sunny and 92 degrees. Today I don't think I saw the sun at all. It was completely overcast all day and temps may have reached 70 at best. This morning I drove from Yuma, Arizona to Joshua Tree National Park. It was a 155 mile drive. And upon entering the park I realized that I had left my National Park Pass at home.

I spent a few hours in the park. It was about a 75 mile drive across the park. I entered from the south off I-10 and exited northwest of there near Yucca Valley. Below is Cholla Gardens. A lot of interesting desert plants here.

There are a lot of rocks in the park. They all looked interesting at the time but when I was going through my pictures one pretty much looks like the next. Below is Skull Rock, a favorite in the park.

Below is Keys View. This was taken from the highest elevation in the park. It would have looked nicer with some clear sky.

And below was the Hemingway area. You can see three planes flying in formation over the rocks. There were six planes in all flying in formation over the park. I am assuming they came out of nearby 29 Palms.

I am spending the night in Yucca Valley, California at the Best Western Hotel.

I know that doesn't seem like much of a day, but my feet don't let me do much. The smallest of walks and I am in agony.

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