SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2014:

Today I traveled 299 miles on my journey between Bend, Oregon and Yreka, California.

All of the images below are thumbnails and can be clicked on for a larger image.

It was a very gloomy day Sunday I drove the Rim Drive
around Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon.
Crater Lake National Park Crater Lake National Park

The video below is 16 minutes long of Crater Lake National Park.

The video below is 4 minutes long of my accommodations in Yreka, California.

Hello Everyone,

Today wasn't too exciting. I left my hotel in Bend, Oregon at 7:30 this morning. I only had one place to see on my agenda today, and that was Crater Lake National Park. It was about a 130 mile drive south of Bend. It was nice and sunny when I set out this morning but that ended quickly and it was now totally cloudy.

There were a couple of waterfalls in the park. They weren't much to see though, hardly a trickle of water. Below is Vidae Falls.

I think this would have been a really pretty stop if there was a blue sky. But since there wasn't a bit of that the lake reflected the ugly gray sky.

Below is a picture of the surroundings looking the other direction from the lake.

I drove the entire 50 mile long rim drive around the lake. I wasn't able to stop at the most popular lookout, the watchman, there wasn't a place to park within a hundred miles. But it would have looked very similar to the picture below as it also looked out onto Wizard Island which you also see in this photo.

It was about an 80 mile drive to Medford, Oregon after the park. A lot of that drive being though a very thick forest. The tree tunnel you see in the picture below went on for about 30 miles.

In Medford I had a very late lunch at Sizzler. The sun returned when I got here.

After lunch it was about a 50 mile drive to Yreka, California where I am spending the night. I got here earlier than I thought or I probably would have got a little further down the road. I'm staying at my usual place.

I took advantage of the early hour and did some laundry. I have a load in as I am writing this. Nothing else to report on today. More later.


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