MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014:

Today I traveled 350 miles on my journey between Yreka and Lake Tahoe.

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Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in northeastern California.
The dominant feature of the park is Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world.
Lassen Volcanic National Park Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park started as two separate national monuments designated by President
Theodore Roosevelt in 1907: Cinder Cone National Monument and Lassen Peak National Monument.
Lassen Volcanic National Park Lassen Volcanic National Park

The video below is 24 minutes long of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Squaw Valley Aerial Tramway is a 1.5-mile long aerial tramway at Squaw Valley Ski Resort
in Olympic Valley, California. It was inaugurated in 1968. It ferries passengers
from the Base Camp at 6200ft elevation to High Camp at 8200ft elevation.
Squaw Valley Tramway

The video below is 14 minutes long of the Squaw Valley Aerial Tramway.

There was road constrcution between Squaw Valley and South Lake Tahoe
making it a tortuously long drive.

The video below is 13 minutes long of my drive around Lake Tahoe.

I stayed at Harvey's Lake Tahoe Resort.

The video below is 4 minutes long of Harvey's Lake Tahoe Resort.

Hello folks,

I left Yreka, California this morning at 7:30. It was a 100 mile drive south on I-5 to Redding. After that I spent the rest of the day on California Highway 89. A narrow, winding and often under construction road. And I got to travel on it for 235 miles. Yippy! About 40 miles east of Redding I visited Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park was actually quite nice. Very peaceful and not a lot of people around. In the picture below you can see Lassen Peak along with a stream and a little waterfall.

Below is beautiful Lake Helen also in Lassen.

There was some really pretty scenery in the park. It was nice having blue sky unlike yesterday.

After Lassen it was a 165 mile drive on my winding narrow path. I finally got to Squaw Valley around 3:00. I spent an hour there riding the tramway to the top of the mountain.

It was 30 more miles to my hotel in South Lake Tahoe. The road was under heavy construction and it took 90 minutes to get there. I am staying at Harvey's Casino on the State Line. Below is a picture of Lake Tahoe from my room.

I'm pooped, I'm going to bed now.


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