SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2014:

I celebrated my 55th birthday with a 507 mile drive across Idaho & Montana.

The video below is 15 minutes long of my drive from Jackson, Wyoming to Kalispell, Montana.

The video below is 3 minutes long of my accommodations in Kalispell, Montana.

Hello Everyone,

I have to send out my daily email, but there is nothing worth writing about today. This morning I left the outstanding Rustic Inn in Jackson, Wyoming. Below is a picture of my cabin.

It was such a nice place. Nice big room with vaulted ceiling and all the luxuries of home. A front porch which looked out on to what you see in the picture below.

I was so busy doing things I didn't have enough time to enjoy my accommodations. I had a delicious breakfast at the hotel before hitting the road at 8:00. The first 20 miles of my journey were climbing over Teton Pass. After I descended the mountain on the other side I crossed into Idaho and it was now flat farm land. It was about a 100 mile drive west from here on Idaho highway #33 over to I-15. But the road was mostly deserted and I made very good time.

I made it over the Interstate around 10:00. I started heading north on I-15. I stopped for gas in Dubois, Idaho. Very near where the dash cam picture below was taken.

A few miles after gassing up I crossed back in to Montana.

Lucky I had my ipod with me. Nothing could be found on the radio. The car has satellite radio but so far I have not paid to turn it on.

I only got about five hours sleep last night. It was hard forcing myself to stay awake.

Around 12:15 I reached Butte and started heading west on I-90.

At around 2:00 I reached Missoula and I stopped for gas and a couple of Tacos at Taco Bell. About 10 miles west of Missoula I exited the interstate and started heading north on US-93. It had been bright and sunny all day up until now. But now it had clouded over.

This was the most tortuous part of the day. For the past 400 miles I had been zipping right along with the cruise set on 85mph. Now I was on a mostly two lane road with lots traffic and many towns to slow down for. And Kalispell was 115 miles north of the interstate. In the picture below you can see the beginning Flathead Lake. The lake is huge. We drove along side of it for about forty miles.

It rained for about the last 30 miles until I reached Kalispell.

Finally a little after 4:00 I reached Kalispell and it stopped raining. I'm back at the Holiday Inn tonight. No deluxe accommodations like last night.

After getting settled at the hotel I drove across the street and had dinner at the Sizzler. Bought some food at walmart so I can have a picnic in Glacier National Park tomorrow. And bought gas for the third time today. All total I put $115 worth of gas in the car today. It wasn't full this morning so I figure I used about $85 worth of fuel today.

Congratulations if you made it down this far. You have just finished reading the most boring travel report ever.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. I'll celebrate tomorrow when I don't have to spend the whole day in the car.


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