Opening screen on the old Q-Link network
I was a proud member of the Q-Link Online community.  Q-Link was the
predecessor to today's America Online.  It was launched on November 5, 1985.
It was an online computer service for the now extinct Commodore computer.
I went online in 1988.  You could find me there under the handle TimV5.
My favorite place online was RabbitJack's casino, where I went on to become a
game host.  As QRJ Sparky I hosted various bingo, poker, and blackjack games.
My regular games were Early Bird Bingo on Wednesday nights from 9:00-Midnight
and Poker MaNiA Sunday nights at 6:00.  It was a wonderful time to be online.
It was a small community, and everyone knew everyone else.  There was a real
sense of family.  But then the personal PC came along and Q-Link spawned it's
new service, PC-Link.  It didn't stay PC-Link for long.  The name was
soon changed to America Online.  I was an inaugural member of AOL.  In the
early days you could find me online as MR TIM.  I then changed to my current
screen name, TimVP.  As AOL grew, Q-Link soon became a cyber
ghost town, and eventually closed its doors on October 31, 1994.
I like today's America Online, but I still miss the good ole days on Q-Link.

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