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I had a very early flight out of the Indianapolis International Airport on Sunday morning.
After changing planes at Chicago's O'Hare Airport it was a four hour flight to LAX on an American 737-800.
I was very surprised to see that the airplane to L.A. was almost empty.
American 737-800

The video below is over eleven minutes long. It begins with the takeoff from O'Hare,
but most of the video is of the final approach and landing at LAX.

I arrived in Los Angeles at 10:00am local time which was before the Island Princess was ready to board.
We were taken to the Airport Sheraton for about three hours before we were transfered to the ship.
We sailed away around 6:00pm from the World Cruise Center in San Pedro, California.
The bridge in the lower right picture is the Vincent Thomas Bridge.
The Island Princess Vincent Thomas Bridge

The video below twenty one minutes long. The video includes the sailaway from Los Angeles
on the Island Princess and the Captain's Welcome Reception on the following evening.

Hello Everyone,

It's been over a year since my last cruise. It's nice to be sailing again. As I am writing this we are about an hour out of the Port of Los Angeles on the Island Princess heading for the Panama Canal. I had a very early flight out of Indy this morning and arrived here in L.A. at 9:45 this morning after changing planes in Chicago. Got here a couple of hours before the ship started boarding so we were taken to a hospitality suite at the airport Sheraton for a couple of hours. That was quite boring but other than that the day went smoothly. The weather here in L.A. is cool and rainy. We set sail just after sunset at about 5:15. Tomorrow is a sea day. Our first port will be Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday. Below is a picture from the ship about a hour before we sailed away.

Vincent Thomas Bridge

Worst part of the day was missing the Colts game. I'm watching the ESPN Sunday night game now and they haven't shown the Colts score yet. If they lost again I may just throw myself overboard. Nothing much else to say for today. I will write more later.


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