Monday, January 4, 1999 was the start of my winter vacation.
It was a great time to get away from Indiana. We had just
gotten about a foot of snow and ice over the weekend and
the temperature was below zero. The airport had been
closed for most of the weekend, and there were stranded
travelers everywhere when I arrived at the airport
early Monday morning. I was a little nervous about
getting out of Indianapolis ontime and making my
connecting flight out of Atlanta. But things didn't
start off too bad, as we made it out to the runway
only about thirty minutes late. This is where my luck
ended for this trip. We were barreling down the runway
getting ready to take off when the pilot slammed on the
brakes and aborted the takeoff. Power to one of the
engines had failed and we returned to the gate. A fuel
line had frozen. They fixed the problem and we got on
our way about two hours later. I of course missed my
connecting flight out of Atlanta, and the next flight
out was already over-booked by 30 people. Somehow they
did manage to squeeze me on the plane and I got to the
Gulf Coast only about three hours late.

This is where I stayed in Biloxi, Mississippi,
The Imperial Palace Hotel. It was like a high-rise
ghost town, almost no one around. The weather was
awful, record-breaking cold temperatures.

Above is the Biloxi harbor.

I spent a couple days in Mobile, Alabama.
The building on the left is where I stayed,
The Adam's Mark Hotel.

I spent the rest of the trip in
Gulfport, Mississippi. This is where I
stayed, The Grand Hotel and Casino.

19 minute video of my disappointing trip to the Gulf Coast.

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