APRIL  1989

We began our trip with a four hour train ride to Chicago.

In Chicago we changed trains, boarding the California Zephyr.
We had a stateroom for our two-day journey. We played a lot
of cards while we watched America pass by our window.

Pictured above is Union Station in downtown Denver.
We had a couple hours to walk around the mile-high
city before getting back on the train.

Our rail trip across the Rocky Mountains was very nice.
Pictured above is a ski area near Winter Park, Colorado.

Pictured above you can see the train about to enter
a tunnel as we follow the scenic Colorado River
through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

After spending our second night on the train we awoke
the next morning near Las Vegas. This is where we got
off the train. We spent the night at the Hilton.

Pictured above is downtown Las Vegas as seen
from our hotel room.

We only spent one night in Las Vegas. The next morning
it was into the Mojave Desert. Pictured above is
Calico Ghost Town near Barstow, California.

It was on into Palm Springs for the night after Barstow.
Unbeknownst to us, we arrived in Palm Springs on "Hell
Night," the night all the screaming college kids arrive
for spring break. We couldn't get out of there fast enough.

We spent a couple of nights in beautiful San Diego.
Pictured above is the San Diego skyline as
seen from our harbor cruise.

While in San Diego we ventured across the
border into Tijuana, Mexico

It was up the coast to Los Angeles next.
Pictured above is the famous Hollywood Bowl.

We spent five nights in L.A. We attended tapings
of Newhart and Family Feud while in Tinsel Town.
Pictured above is a palm-lined Beverly Hills street.

We spent a day touring Universal Studios.

Pictured above is Marilyn Monroe. One of more than
300 figures at the Movieland Wax Museum.

We spent some time at Knott's Berry Farm.

Pictured above is City Hall in downtown Los Angeles.
We got some nice views of L.A. from its top
floor observation deck.

After leaving Los Angeles we headed north to San Luis
Obispo for a one night stay. The next morning we
took a tour of Hearst Castle.

Next we continued up the beautiful coast highway.
We spent the next few nights a my sister's
in Fairfield, California.

Pictured above are my sister and brother
standing in front of San Francisco Bay.

My sister took us to Marine World Africa USA
which is just a few miles from here home.

We reciprocated by taking our sister to Lake Tahoe.
Next it was time for the over two day train ride back
home. Having never traveled by train before, we
enjoyed the train ride out very much. But the novelty
had worn off for the trip back. It was LONG and BORING!

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