My dad and I took a short trip west
at the end of September 1984.

We began our trip by flying to San Francisco.
The picture above of Plainfield, Indiana was
taken about 30 seconds after takeoff.

We flew over the Rocky Mountains enroute.

We spent our first night in Merced, California.
We spent the next day in Yosemite National Park.
Pictured above is Half Dome as seen from above
Yosemite Valley at Glacier Point.

We spent the night in a small cabin in Yosemite.
The next day we drove out of the park via
the very scenic Tioga Road.

Tioga Road very near the east entrance.

We spent our next night in Carson City, Nevada.
We visited nearby Lake Tahoe during our stay.

It was off to see my sister and former brother-
in-law next. We made a stop at the California
State Capitol in Sacramento enroute.

We killed some time in San Francisco waiting
to meet up with my sister after she got off
work. The above picture of Alcatraz and San
Francisco Bay was taken from Coit Tower.

My sister and former brother-in-law took us
out for a nice dinner at the Hyatt Regency
in downtown San Francisco.

We spent the rest of our trip at my sister's
house in Fairfield, California. We popped in and
out of nearby San Francisco during our visit.
The Palace of Fine Arts is pictured above.

We visited The Nut Tree. That's my father on
the left, my sister Barb and former brother-
in-law Jim in the center.

We were gone a total of one week. That's
a San Francisco cable car above.

The above photo was taken near the
Cliff House in San Francisco.

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