Good Day Mates!
Pictured on the lower left was the flight plan for my 34 day journey which took me half way around the world.
It was a fantastic vacation taking me nearly 11,000 miles from home.
I began the trip by flying to Las Vegas on Christmas Eve.
I spent Christmas Day in Las Vegas.
The next day I took an air tour of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.
I then drove to LAX and boarded a flight to Sydney, Australia.
In Australia I spent 6 nights in Sydney, 5 in Hobart and 2 in Melbourne.
I then moved on to New Zealand for two weeks.
Where I visted both the north and south islands.
The trip is divided into 19 segments.
Click on the links on the lower right to display that portion of the trip.
Dec 24-25: Las Vegas

Dec 26: Grand Canyon/Monument Valley

Dec 29 - Jan 3: Sydney, Australia

Dec 30: Blue Mountains, Australia

Dec 31 - Jan 1: Antarctica Scenic Flight

Jan 4-9: Tasmania

Jan 10-12: Melbourne, Australia

Jan 11: Great Ocean Road, Australia

Jan 13: Christchurch, New Zealand

Jan 14: Akaroa, New Zealand

Jan 15: Arthur's Pass/Alpine Jet

Jan 15-16: Greymouth, New Zealand

Jan 16-17: Glacier Country

Jan 17: The Road to Hasst, New Zealand

Jan 18-22: Queenstown, New Zealand

Jan 23: Wellington, New Zealand

Jan 24: Taupo, New Zealand

Jan 25: Rotorua, New Zealand

Jan 26: Auckland, New Zealand

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The video below is 28 minutes long and covers the Australia part of the trip.

The video below is 55 minutes long and covers the New Zealand part of the trip.

The individual videos can be found on the pages above, or in the player below.

12 minute slide show movie of the places I visited during my 15 days in Australia.
Click on the links to play video.

15 minute slide show video of the places I visited during my 2 week stay in New Zealand.
Click on the links to play video.

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