Today I traveled 123 miles on California Highway 1 between Monterey and San Francisco.

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Friday I continued my drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco.
Unfortunately the coast was covered in fog for the entire drive.
I arrived in San Francisco in the early afternoon.
Pier 39 in San Francisco Pier 39 in San Francisco Pier 39 in San Francisco

I took a walk around Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf which was just inches from my hotel.
Alcatraz Fisherman's Wharf

The video below is 3 minutes long of my accommodations in San Francisco.

Hello folks,

I have arrived at my final destination of San Francisco. I drove 5900 miles in 22 days since arriving in Denver. This morning when I woke up it was foggy so I went back to bed. I did this a couple times before I finally hit the road and left my hotel in Monterrey. It was a 100 mile drive to San Francisco. I assumed the fog would eventually burn off and lift but it never did. I am staying at the Radisson on Fisherman's Wharf across the street from Pier 39.

It was nice and sunny overhead but there was still fog in every direction. You couldn't even see the Golden Gate Bridge from the pier.

I could see Alcatraz.

The seals are always a popular attraction at Pier 39.

I walked around Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf for a while and then had a very late lunch or early dinner and called it a day.



Today I traveled about 25 miles in San Francisco.

This morning I drove out to Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge.
I also paid a visit to the Palace of Fine Art which is located nearby.
Fort Point and Golden Gate Bridge Palace of Fine Arts

I admired the view from the Cliff House on the Pacific Ocean.
Cliff House Pacific Ocean as seen from Cliff House Pacific Ocean as seen from Cliff House

Hello Folks,

For the second day in a row the forecast of sunny skies did not turn out to be true. It was pretty much gloomy all day. I set out from my hotel at about 10:00 this morning. I passed a few cable cars during my trek across town.

I was going to drive down Lombard Street (the crooked street in the world). But the line of traffic waiting to do it was about a mile long so I passed on that. My first stop was at Fort Point.

I'm hoping we get 10 minutes of clear skies before I leave here. I'd like to visit the Golden Gate Recreation Area, but kind of pointless in a fog. You can almost see the top of the Golden Gate Bridge in the picture below.

Next I visited the Palace of Fine Arts which is just around the corner.

Look at the sea gull in flight in the upper left corner of the picture below.

The little boy standing next to me was getting a big kick out of seeing these swans.

I pretty much spent the rest of the day fighting traffic and looking for a place to park. My next stop was the Cliff House and Land's End.

You get a nice view of the Pacific Ocean from here.

I took a walk along the beach and dipped my toes in the ocean. The water was very cold.

I decided to drive through Chinatown on my way back to the hotel. Below is the Chinatown Gate.

One more picture from Chinatown below.

More from San Francisco tomorrow,


SUNDAY, AUGUST 03, 2014:

I ventered out on foot on Sunday.
I watched the cable cars turnaround.
Cable Car Turnaround Cable Car Turnaround

I visited Ghirardelliu Square, the Cannery and the Maritime Museum.
Ghirardelli Square The Cannery Maritime Museum on Hyde Street Pier

In the afternoon I took and Red & White boat cruise around San Francisco Bay.
Fisherman's Wharf Red & White Fleet boat cruise San Francisco Bay & Pier 39

We sailed under the Golden gate Bridge.
The Golden Gate Birdge San Francisco Bay San Francisco Skyline

We sailed around Alcatraz.
Alcatraz Alcatraz San Francisco Bay

We sailed under the Oackland Bay Bridge.
Oakland Bay Bridge Oakland Bay Bridge Oakland Bay Bridge

We then returned to the dock on Fisherman's Wharf.
Port of San Francisco The Embarcadero San Francisco Skyline

The video below is 73 minutes long of my three days in San Francisco.

Howdy folks,

I spent all day in San Francisco again today. After fighting San Francisco traffic all day yesterday, I left the car in the garage today and got around on foot. I didn't venture very far. My first stop was at the cable car turn-around.

Next I walked around Ghirardelli Square. I resisted the temptation to buy any chocolate.

I walked down Hyde Street Pier and looked at the historic ships in the Maritime Museum.

I walked past the cannery. I resisted the chocolate earlier but there was a Coldstone Creamery next to the Cannery so I stopped for a banana caramel crunch. It's really not that hard for me to resist chocolate, ice cream however is another story.

I walked around Fisherman's Wharf again. It hasn't changed much since my first visit here back in 1975.

Next I took a cruise on San Francisco Bay. As usual it was totally gloomy by the Golden Gate Bridge.

We sailed directly under the bridge as a Cosco ship was sailing under the bridge.

It was a little bit brighter looking back toward San Francisco.

We sailed past Alcatraz.

There was some blue sky over by the Oakland Bay Bridge.

We sailed under this bridge as well. My sister Barbara was stuck on this bridge when part of it collapsed during the earthquake in 1989.

And this is where my sister used to work for many years before giving birth to my nephew.

I think I have tortured my sister enough with this trip down memory lane. I will stop now.

My trip is now over. I fly home tomorrow at 1:30. I have a Caribbean cruise booked for January, that should be my next trip.


MONDAY, AUGUST 04, 2014:

Monday I had a nonstop flight home which left SFO at 1:30PM.

Click on the arrow above to begin my next adventure in the CARIBBEAN!

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