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We took the Tallink ferry across the Baltic Sea and returned to Helsinki on Saturday.
We checked into our hotel at the Scandic Grand Marina Hotel.

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Sailing into the Helsinki harbor on Tallink Ferry Scandic Grand Marina Hotel in Helsinki, Finland

It was a short walk from the hotel into the center of Helsinki.
I walked along the harbor and looked out into the Baltic Sea.
The harbor in Helsinki, Finland The harbor in Helsinki, Finland The harbor in Helsinki, Finland

I walked around Market Square, the Havis Amanda Fountain and City Hall.
Havis Amanda Fountain on Market Square in Helsinki, Finland Helsinki, Finland City Hall in Helsinki, Finland

One block up from City Hall is Senate Square.
The Alexander II statue stands in front of the Lutheran Cathedral.
Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland The Lutheran Cathedral and Alexander II statue on Senate Square

The video below is 18 minutes long of my short visit to Helsinki, Finland.

Hello all,

This morning at 9:00 we left the hotel in Tallinn, Estonia.

We went directly to the port and boarded our fast ferry for our sailing across the Baltic Sea/Bay of Finland. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. Below is a picture as we sailed away from Tallinn.

It is 76 kilometers across the bay to Helsinki. It took just under two hours. I am now back in Helsinki where I started my Baltic tour two weeks ago. After we arrived in Helsinki we took a short tour of the city before checking into the hotel. We stopped at Senate Square, the focal point of the city.

Next we checked back into the Scandic Grand Marina Hotel.

I had about four hours to kill before tonight's farewell dinner, so I took a walk around the harbor.

I also walked by Senate Square and the Lutheran church again.

My trip is almost over. I am ready to come home. It has been a good trip, I have enjoyed it, but my foot problems have made it very uncomfortable at times. It's on to Poland for my last two days of the trip tomorrow. The main reason that I decided to go to Poland was because I couldn't get a free frequent flyer seat home out of Helsinki. I could out of Warsaw, so I decided spend a couple of days since I have never been there.

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This was my second visit to Helsinki. I was also here in 2011.

The video below is of my 2011 visit to Helsinki.

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