October 1, 1961 - February 6, 1966
CBS Situation Comedy - 143 Episodes

Wilbur Post:   Alan Young
Carol Post:   Connie Hines
Roger Addison:   Larry Keating
Kay Addison:   Edna Skinner
Gordon Kirkwood:   Leon Ames
Winnie Kirkwood:   Florence MacMichael
Mr. Carlisle:   Barry Kelley
Paul Fenton:   Jack Albertson
Dr. Bruce Gordon:   Richard Deacon
Voice of Mr. Ed:   Allan "Rocky" Lane

Settling into their first home, newlyweds Wilbur Post,
an architect, and his wife Carol, discover a horse in
the barn. Meeting Roger Addison, a neighbor, they discover
that the horse is theirs, left to them by the previous
owner. Unable to part with the animal, Wilber persuades
Carol to let him keep it. Shortly after, while brushing
the horse (named Mr. Ed), Wilbur discovers that he
possesses the ability to talk, and because Wilbur is the
only person he likes well enough to talk to, he will
speak only to him.

Stories depict the misadventures that befall Wilbur as he
struggles to conceal the fact that he owns a talking horse.

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