December 11, 1980 - May 1, 1988
CBS Detective Drama - 162 Episodes

Thomas Sullivan Magnum:   Tom Selleck
Jonathan Quayle Higgins III:   John Hillerman
T.C. (Theodore Calvin):   Roger E. Mosley
Rick (Orville Wright):   Larry Manetti
Robin Masters (voice only):   Orson Welles
Mac Reynolds:   Jeff MacKay
Lt. Tanaka:   Kwan Hi Lim
Lt. Maggie Poole:   Jean Bruce Scott
Agatha Chumley:   Gillian Dobb
Asst. D.A. Carol Baldwin:   Kathleen Lloyd
Francis Hofstetler "Ice Pick":   Elisha Cook, Jr.
Dr. Ibold:   Glenn Cannon
Colonel Buck Greene:   Lance LeGault
Keoki:   Patrick Bishop
Rosine:   Elissa Dulce Hoopai
Kenny:   Esmond Chung

Magnum was a private investigator with an enviable
arrangement. In return for helping with the security
arrangements for guarding the estate of wealthy writer
Robin Masters (never seen on the show), he was provided
with free living quarters at the rambling beachfront
property on Oahu's north shore. Masters was always away,
leaving his stuffy British manservant, Higgins, to run
the estate. The laid-back life-style of Magnum was in
direct opposition to the strict military dicpiline that
ruled Higgins' life, and there was constant bickering
between them, though there was clearly a deep-seated
mutual affection. Magnum much like others in law enforcement,
had a style all his own, where as today one may can get
an online criminal justice degree and miss out on all
the field experience. Which would seem like a
very dull show had that been Magnum's case.


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