September 14, 1965 - April 6, 1967
ABC Situation Comedy - 65 Episodes


Sgt. Morgan O'Rourke:   Forrest Tucker
Cpl. Randolph Agarn:   Larry Storch
Capt. Wilton Parmenter:   Ken Berry
Wrangler Jane:   Melody Patterson
Wild Eagle:   Frank DeKova
Pvt. Hannibal Dobbs:   James Hampton
Private Duffy:   Bob Steele
Crazy Cat:   Don Diamond
Private Vanderbuilt:   Joe Brooks
Private Hoffenmeuller:   John Mitchum
Papa Bear:   Ben Frommer
Roaring Chicken:   Edward Everett Horton
Major Duncan:   James Gregory
Pete, the bartender:   Benny Baker
Trooper Duddleson:   Ivan Bell

The stars of this military farce were the gallant
incompetents of F Troop at Fort Courage, somewhere
west of the Missouri, in post-Civil War days. The
CO was the wide-eyed, bumbling Captain Parmenter,
who had been promoted from private during the closing
days of the war when he accidentally led a charge in
the wrong direction, toward the enemy. Unbeknowst to
the captain, Sgt. O'Rourke had already negotiated a
secret, and highly profitable treaty with the Hekawi
Indians, from whom he also had an exclusive franchise
to sell their souvenirs to tourists. There was no
peace treaty with the Shugs, however, and they
sometimes caused trouble. Cpl. Agarn was O'Rourke's
chief aid and assistant schemer, and Wrangler Jane
the hard-riding, fast-shooting cowgirl who
was out to marry Parmenter.

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