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Today I checked out of my hotel on the west side of the city,
returned my rental car and then checked into the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Old Québec.
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Old Québec

Old Québec is a historic neighbourhood of Quebec City comprising the
Upper Town and Lower Town. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Upper Town in Old Québec

The Old Quebec Funicular links Upper Town to Lower Town.
One trip on the line travels 210 feet at a 45 degree angle.
The Funicular from Lower Town in Old Québec

Below are old buildings on Rue Cul-De-Sac in the Lower Town area of Old Québec.
Stone front buildings in Lower Town in Old Québec

After a late lunch at the hotel I went back outside for a walk along
Dufferin Terrace as the sun was setting. The Norwegian Dawn was leaving port.
The Norwegian Dawn sailing away from Quebec City in the Saint Lawrence River

The Dufferin Terrace overlooks the Saint Lawrence River right by the Château Frontenac.
This terrace was built in 1838 next to the Saint-Louis Fort at the top of the cliff.
Dufferin Terrace in Upper Town in Old Québec

Le Château Frontenac is a National Historic Site of Canada.
The hotel is generally recognized as the most photographed hotel in the world,
largely for its prominence in the skyline of Québec City.
The current hotel capacity is more than 600 rooms on 18 floors.
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Old Québec

The Louis S. St. Laurent Building in Quebec sits prominently in the center of Upper Town.
Old Post Office Building in Old Québec

Watch the video below for all of my activities in Old Town.

26 minute video of my visit to Old Québec.


It was another nice day in Quebec today. Not as nice as yesterday, but nice enough. I had breakfast at the old hotel this morning and then hung around for a while. I didn't want to leave too early or it would be too early to check into the new hotel. At 11:30 I headed to the airport to get rid of the rental car and then meet up with the Princess folks. The Quebec airport is extremely tiny. In no time I was on a Princess shuttle bus being taken to my new hotel, Le Chateau Frontenac.

This is my second time staying here. The last time was about 25 years ago. I still think it is the most majestic looking hotel in the world. After I got checked in I took a slow walk around old town.

I rode the funicular down to lower town.

Walking is a problem for me to begin with, but all the cobblestones in lower town made my feet hurt even worse. My feet sore and my stomach growling I headed back to the hotel for a late lunch. This evening when the sun started to set I went back out. I watched the Norwegian Dawn sail away.

Earlier in the day I was out walking around in just my shirt sleeves. This evening I had on a hoody and a jacket and was still freezing. A big contrast from my last visit here. Temps were over 100 degrees. I got some nice pictures of Dufferin's Terrace.

Below is another picture of my hotel.

Tomorrow at 11:15 I will board the Caribbean Princess for my 10-day cruise to New York City. I was hoping the transfer would be a little later so I could watch the Colts game in London first. The ship is here, I can see it from my hotel room.

You can spy on me during my cruise from the ship's bridge cam. We won't be sailing away from Quebec until Monday evening.

Au Revoir,



Today I boarded the Caribbean Princess for my 10-day cruise.
The Caribbean Princess docked in Québec City

Below is a picture of Québec City from the ship.
Québec City from the Caribbean Princess

Below is a view of the Citadelle of Québec from the ship.
Québec City from the Caribbean Princess


Not much to report on today. I woke up at Le Chateau Frontenac and turned on CBS to watch the Colts game from London. I was able to watch about the first 20 minutes before I had to leave to catch my transfer to the ship. The transfer to the ship was ridiculous. I can see the ship from the hotel. You could walk there in five to ten minutes. We were supposed to board the buses at 11:00 but the buses were late and we didn't leave until noon. Then the bus trip was several miles long through constant congestion. While you can walk there easily it is not near as easy by bus. Check-in was quick and easy but thanks to that stupid transfer it was almost 2:00 before I finally got to my stateroom.

That's my stateroom above. I didn't get a balcony for this cruise. I figured it would be too cold to get much good out of it. An interior stateroom is like half the price. I am sailing on the Caribbean Princess. We sail away from Quebec tomorrow night. Tuesday is a sea day and then we are in port everyday for the remaining eight days of the cruise. The ports will be Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Saint John, New Brunswick, Bar Harbor, Maine, Boston, Massachusetts, Newport, Rhode Island, and finally New York City. Below is the ships atrium.

It was nice this morning while we were wasting time with that stupid transfer. By the time I got settled on the ship it was bleak and gloomy and finally started to rain this evening. Below is a picture of Chateau Frontenac from the ship.

This evening I attended the first show on the ship. It was a Quebec folklore show by local entertainers.



Today I sailed away from Québec City on the Caribbean Princess.
Below you can see the Queen Mary 2 Docked along the Saint Lawrence River as we sail away.
Sailing away from Québec City on the Caribbean Princess


It was a nice day in Quebec today, but very windy. It made it feel like it was below freezing.

A couple hours ago at 5:00 we finally sailed away from Old Quebec.

That's the Queen Mary 2 you see there as we pulled away from the pier and began our journey down the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Sorry, both the pictures above were looking straight into the sun. It was too cold to stay out on deck for very long. I did go back out about 45 minutes later in hope of catching the sunset. I was just a little too late. I did capture this picturesque farm.

And if you look close in the picture below you can see that the leaves should be nearing their peak here any day now.

Tomorrow is a day at sea and we will be in Corner Brook, Newfoundland on Wednesday.



Today was a day at sea.

Click on the arrow above for tomorrow's adventures.

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