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August 12, 2008:
Boston Massachusetts
August 13-14, 2008:
Dublin, Ireland
Northern Ireland's Antrim Coast
August 15-18, 2008:
Southampton, England
Sea Princess
August 19-20, 2008:
Seville, Spain
Cadiz, Spain
August 21, 2008:
Montserrat, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
August 22, 2008:
Monte Carlo, Monaco
August 23, 2008:
Florence, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Livorno, Italy
August 24, 2008:
Rome, Italy
Vatican City
Civitavecchia, Italy
August 25, 2008:
Alghero, Italy (Sardinia)
August 26, 2008:
Palma, Spain (Mallorca)
August 27-31, 2008:
Sea Princess
Southampton, England
September 1, 2008:
Bergen, Norway
September 2, 2008:
Shetland Islands, Scotland
September 3, 2008:
Faroe Islands (Tˇrshavn)
September 4-6, 2008:
Artic Circle
Akureyri, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland
September 7-12, 2008:
Cape Farewell, Greenland
Nanortalik, Greenland
St. Johns, Newfoundland
September 13-16, 2008:
New York City
The video below is 36 minutes long and covers my 2 days in Ireland prior to the cruise.
The video below is 4 hours and 31 minutes long of my Mediterranean cruise.
The video below is 3 hours and 26 minutes long of my Transatlantic cruise.
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