September 24, 1968 - March 12, 1973
CBS Situation Comedy - 128 Episodes


Doris Martin:   Doris Day
Buck Webb:   Denver Pyle
Billy Martin:   Phillip Brown
Toby Martin:   Tod Starke
Leroy B. Simpson:   James Hampton
Aggie, housekeeper:   Fran Ryan
Juanita, housekeeper:   Naomi Stevens
Michael Nicholson:   McLean Stevenson
Ron Harvey:   Paul Smith
Myrna Gibbons:   Rose Marie
Willard Jarvis:   Billy De Wolfe
Angie Pallucci:   Kaye Ballard
Colonel Fairburn:   Edward Andrews
Ethel, babysitter:   Carol Worthington
Duke Farentino:   Larry Storch
Cyril Bennett:   John Dehner
Jackie Parker:   Jackie Joseph
Louie Pallucci:   Bernie Kopell
Dr. Peter Lawrence:   Peter Lawford
Jonathan Rusk:   Patrick O'Neal
Detective Broder:   Ken Lynch

Format One (1968-1969)
Dissatisfied with the congestion of the big city, Doris
Martin, widow and mother of two children, relinquishes
her career as a singer and returns to her father's ranch
in Mill Valley, California. Stories depict her attempts
to raise her children, Billy and Toby, and her
involvement in local community affairs.

Format Two (1969-1970)
Feeling the need to assist with the growing expenses on
the ranch, Doris acquires a job in San Francisco as the
executive secretary to Michael Nicholson, the editor of
Today's World magazine. Episodes relate
her home and working life.

Format Three (1970-1971)
With occasional reporting assignments and difficulty
commuting from country to city, Doris relocates and
rents apartment 207 at 965 North Parkway over Pallucci's
Italian Restaurant. Her children reside with her; and
her father, Buck Webb, and his handyman, Leroy B.
Simpson, continue to operate the ranch.

Format Four (1971-1973)
A complete change in format and cast. The working and
romantic life of a beautiful young bachelorette, Doris
Martin, General News Reporter for Today's World Magazine.

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