September 29, 1986 - May 24, 1993
CBS Situation Comedy - 163 Episodes


Julia Sugarbaker:   Dixie Carter
Suzanne Sugarbaker:   Delta Burke
Mary Jo Shively:   Annie Potts
Charlene Frazier Stillfield:   Jean Smart
Anthony Bouvier:   Meshach Taylor
Claudia Shively:   Priscilla Weems
Quinton Shively:   Brian Lando
Reese Watson:   Hal Holbrook
J.D. Shackleford:   Richard Gilliland
Bernice Clifton:   Alice Ghostley
Bill Stillfield:   Douglas Barr
Rusty:   Michael Goldfinger
Allison Sugarbaker:   Julia Duffy
Carlene Frazier Dobber:   Jan Hooks
B.J. Poteet:   Judith Ivey
Etienne Toussant Bouvier:   Sheryl Lee Ralph
Vanessa Hargraves:   Olivia Brown

The story of four outspoken women who ran Sugarbakers,
a recently opened interior decorating business in Atlanta,
which they operated out of an attractive suburban home that
served as both office and showplace for their work. The
founder, guiding force, and most sharp-tongued of the four
was widowed Julia Sugarbaker. She was bright, classy, and
had great taste and good connections. Her younger sister,
Suzanne was sexy, flashy, and prone to use her physical
charms to mask a limited knowledge of decorating. A
former beauty contest winner, she flirted with any and
all wealthy men, and was collecting alimony from three
ex-husbands. Their two partners were Mary Jo, a recent
divorcee with a teenage daughter and young son, and
Charlene, the firm's business manager. Helping them with
the heavy work was Anthony, a cheerful excon.

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