Premiered August 30, 1993
CBS Late Night Talk Show


Host:   David Letterman
Musical Director:   Paul Shaffer
Executive Producer:   Rob Burnett
Producer:   Maria Pope
Announcer:   Alan Kalter
Stage Manager:   Biff Henderson
Bassist:   Will Lee
Percussionist:   Anton Fig
Guitarist:   Sid McGinnis
Guitarist:   Felicia Michele Collins
Horns:   Tom "Bones" Malone
Saxophone:   Bruce Kapler
Trumpeter/Flugelorn:   Alan Chez
Hello Deli Owner:   Rupert Jee
Himself:   Calvert DeForest
Goodwill Ambassador:   Mujibur Rahman
Goodwill Ambassador:   Sirajul Islam
Writer/Various Characters:   Gerard Mulligan
Cue Card Boy:   Tony Mendez
Himself:   George Clarke
Himself:   Leonard Tepper
Announcer (1993-95):   Bill Wendell
Dave's Mom:   Dorothy Mengering
Substitute band leader:   Warren Zevon

David Letterman had hosted Late Night with David Letterman
for more than a decade following Johnny Carson's Tonight Show,
and when Carson retired there were those, including Dave, who

had assumed that when the king retired Prince David would
inherit the throne. Unfortunately, those people did not
include the NBC programming bosses, who gave The Tonight
Show to Jay Leno. Snubbed, Letterman jumped at CBS's offer

of $42 million to appear on CBS opposite Leno's Tonight Show.
Late Show with David Letterman looked pretty much like the
Late Night show, with a few changes. The Ed Sullivan
Theatre, where it was housed, was considerably larger
than his old studio at NBC. Dave couldn't wander into
other shows in progress as he had done on NBC. He did,
however, take cameras into a number of small stores near
the Ed Sullivan Theatre, making minor celebrities out of
the store clerks Sirajul & Mujibar, Rupert Jee, and other
local merchants. Dave ignored NBC's threats to sue and
continued to use comic bits such as "Top 10 Lists"
and "Stupid Pet Tricks".

Back in 1993 Drew Barrymore was so wanting to wish
Dave a Happy Birthday that she not only danced on
his desk but also bared her, ummm, soul to him.
And in the picture on the right, Demi Moore
helps with the Top Ten List.

Dave's mother, Dorothy, occasionally appears on the show.
She's pictured below with Paul Shaffer and Dave back in 1996.

On January 12, 2000, after weeks of endless badgering,
First Lady Hilary Clinton finally sat down with Dave.

The next day a worried Letterman talked with former heart
patient Regis Philbin about upcoming tests on his own heart.

After the tests Dave underwent immediate quintuple
bypass surgery. Dave returned to the Late Show in
late February to the delight of millions of fans.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2003 David announced the birth of his son,
Harry Joseph Letterman, who was born the previous day.

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The Late Show can be seen weekdays at 11:35pm E.T. on CBS.

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At times Dave's show has been beaten into second place by the 'Tonight Show' with Jay Leno, and occasionally into third place by 'ABC News Nightline'. When NBC put up a billboard in New York City, cheekily proclaiming that Jay Leno is number one at night, CBS put up one of their own.

In the January 23, 1999 edition of TV Guide the following Late Night With David Letterman moment was ranked the 34th funniest TV moment of all time. November 16, 1983 "Everyday," David Letterman informs us from New York City, "people from all points of the compass journey to this fine community. And we thought that, 'Why not have some sort of official spokesperson or greeter to meet these fine folks as they get off their bus?'" Cut to the Port Authority bus terminal, where Larry "Bud" Melmam, looking like a deer who has taken a hoofful of Valium before being caught in the headlights, stands adorned in a bright crimson welcome sash, holding a small tray, urging passersby to "please enjoy a hot towel," which he offers them from tongs. He reads -badly- from cue cards. He interviews -also badly- travelers who get caught in the camera range. What he asks them, who can tell? That's because Larry has the knack for moving the mike before he is done talking, so all we hear is Letterman's high-pitched cackle as he comes unglued watching network television run amok. "It's like a ventriloquist in training, isn't it?" Letterman remarks. "I'm 36 years old, and that's about the most peculiar thing I've ever seen." Us, too. ©1999 TV Guide licensed to News America Publications Inc.

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