The Danny Thomas Show
Make Room For Daddy

September 29, 1953 - September 14, 1964
ABC (1953-1957) & CBS (1957-1964)
Situation Comedy - 336 Episodes


Danny Williams:   Danny Thomas
Mrs. Margaret Williams:   Jean Hagen
Mrs. Kathy Williams:   Marjorie Lord
Rusty Williams:   Rusty Hamer
Terry Williams:   Sherry Jackson
  Penny Parker
Linda Williams:   Angela Cartwright
Louise:   Louise Beavers
  Amanda Randolph
Phil Arnold, agent:   Horace McMahon
Benny, piano player:   Ben Lessy
Jesse Leeds:   Jesse White
Uncle Tenoose:   Hans Conried
Liz O'Neal:   Mary Wickes
Phil Brokaw:   Sheldon Leonard
Pat Hannigan:   Pat Harrington, Jr.
Gina Minelli:   Annette Funicello
Uncle Charley Halper:   Sid Melton
Bunny Halper:   Pat Carroll
Frank, Danny's taylor:   Frank Jenks
Patty Williams (O'Hara):   Lelani Sorenson
Harry, song writer:   Harry Ruby
Piccola, singer:   Piccola Pupa
Buck, Gina's boyfriend:   Richard Tyler
Jose Jimenez:   Bill Dana
Alfie, waiter:   Bernard Fox
Mr. Heckendorn:   Gale Gordon
Mr. Svenson:   John Qualen
Mr. Daly:   William Demarest

Format One: 1953-1957

505 East 50th Street, New York, Apartment 542, the
residence of the Williams family: Danny, a nightclub
entertainer at the Copa Club; his wife, Margaret; and
their children, Terry and Rusty. Stories depict the
home and working life of Danny Williams, a man
whose career often leaves him with little
time to spend with his beloved family.

Format Two: 1957-1964

Same background as format one. Shortly after Margaret's
death, Rusty contracts the measles. Hiring Kathleen
O'Hara, a beautiful registered nurse, widow, and mother
of a young daughter, to care for Rusty, Danny and she
fall in love and marry one year following. Stories relate
the trials and tribulations of the Williams family.

ABC aired 24 episodes of the spin-off series

"Make Room For Granddaddy" for one season (1970-1971).

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Make Room for Daddy

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Founded by Danny Thomas

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