September 15, 1965 - May 19, 1969
ABC Western - 112 Episodes


Victoria Barkley:   Barbara Stanwyck
Jarrod Barkley:   Richard Long
Nick Barkley:   Peter Breck
Heath Barkley:   Lee Majors
Audra Barkley:   Linda Evans
Eugene Barkley:   Charles Briles
Silas, their servant:   Napoleon Whiting
Sheriff Madden:   Douglas Kennedy
  James Gavin
  Mort Mills
Harry, the bartender:   Harry Swoger
Various roles:   Gene Evans
  James Gregory

The San Joaquin Valley in Stockton, California, 1878.
The saga of the close-knit Barkley family, cattle ranchers:
Victoria, widow of Tom (killed by railroad officials in a
stubborn defense of his independence), a woman of beauty
and courage, a strong-willed matriarch; Jarrod, her eldest
son, a lawyer; Nick, her second born, quick tempered and
two fisted, the ranch foreman; Audra, her daughter, young,
beautiful, proud, sensuous, and impulsive, a woman yet to
be tamed by the love of a man; Heath; Tom's illegitimate
son (born of an Indian maiden), a man who struggled,
fought, and ultimately achieved his birthright--the name
of Barkley--a man, troubled by the memories of a
difficult childhood, still reaching out for the love
that he never had; and Eugene, her youngest, shy
and sensitive (dropped early in the series).

Stories depict the life, struggles, and loves of
the Barkley clan as they attempt to maintain and
operate their sprawling thirty-thousand-acre ranch.
Like other settlers, the Barkley's were continually
fighting the lawless elements of the Old West,
and Big Valley stories were peopled with
schemers, murderers, bank robbers, Mexican
revolutionaries, and con men.


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