September 26, 1962 - September 7, 1971
CBS Situation Comedy - 274 Episodes


Jed Clampett:   Buddy Ebsen
Granny Daisy Moses:   Irene Ryan
Elly May Clampett:   Donna Douglas
Jethro Bodine:   Max Baer Jr.
Milburn Drysdale:   Raymond Bailey
Miss Jane Hathaway:   Nancy Kulp
Mrs. Margaret Drysdale:   Harriet E. MacGibbon
Cousin Pearl Bodine:   Bea Benaderet
Elverna Bradshaw:   Elvia Allman
Photographer Harry Barth:   John Alvin
Himself:   Bill Baldwin Sr.
Joy Devine:   Diana Bartlett
Gloria Buckles:   Bettina Brenna
Joseph P. 'Uncle Joe' Carson:   Edgar Buchanan
Sam Drucker:   Frank Cady
John Faversham:   Richard Caldicot
Doctor Roy Clyburn:   Fred Clark
Dr. Klingner:   Richard Deacon
Chauffeur Parkins:   Barney Elmore
Shorty Kellems:   Shug Fisher
Himself:   Lester Flatt
Himself:   Earl Scruggs
Flo Shafer:   Kathleen Freeman
Lawrence Chapman:   Milton Frome
Jasper DePew:   Phil Gordon
Ravenswood the Butler:   Arthur Gould-Porter
Shad:   Lloyd 'Shad' Heller
Homer Cratchit:   Percy Helton
Studio Guard:   Ray Kellogg
Gladys Flatt:   Joi Lansing
Susan Graham:   Mady Maguire
Helen Thompson:   Danielle Mardi
Miss Jeanne Leeds:   Judith McConnell
General Grant:   William Mims
Humphrey The Chauffeur:   Burt Mustin
Sonny Drysdale:   Louis Nye
Dash Riprock:   Larry Pennell
Sheldon Epps:   Alan Reed Jr.
John Cushing:   Roy Roberts
Edythe Brewster:   Lisa Seagram
Shifty Shafer, aka 'Honest John':   Phil Silvers
Marie the Maid:   Sirry Steffen
Janet Trego:   Sharon Tate
Matthew Templeton:   Roger Torrey
Louise Scruggs:   Midge Ware
Lafe Crick:   Peter Whitney
John Brewster:   Frank Wilcox
Homer Winch:   Paul Winchell

Poor hillbilly Jed Clampett and his faithful dog,
Duke, are out hunting for some food, and unearth
an oil gusher with a gun shot. Next thing you
know, the OK Oil Company has purchased the Bug
Tussle property of the Clampetts for 25 million
dollars. Jed's worldly cousin Pearl convinces the
widower to move his family to the land of swimming
pools and movie stars, Beverly Hills, California.
So, Jed, his daughter Elly May, his mother-in-law
"Granny" and his nephew Jethro pack up their
belongings and drive their rickety flatbed
truck to the West Coast.

Always rich in the absurd, the series was chock
full of lowbrow but hilarious situations. As
sitcom humor would have it, Jed and his brood move
next door to the greedy banker, Milburn Drysdale,
who in an effort to make his financial institution
the home of the Clampett millions, takes the
fresh-off-the-farm family under his wing. Most of
the early shows revolve around the impossible
adjustments the poor mountain folk must make to
city life, and Jed Clampett's backwoods brand of
wisdom always wins out in the end. Despite their
brand-new mansion with its cement pond and indoor
plumbing, the Hillbillies stay true to their
rustic roots. Many episodes center around
Drysdale's attempts to keep the Clampetts in good
spirits in their big-city setting (thus keeping
their money in his bank). Enrolling Jethro in
elementary school, buying Jed a movie studio,
letting Granny open a medical practice and
finding Elly May a beau are just a few of
the silly but entertaining storylines.

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