January 12, 1966 - March 14, 1968
ABC Adventure series - 120 Episodes


Bruce Wayne/Batman:   Adam West
Dick Greyson/Robin:   Burt Ward
Alfred Pennyworth, butler:   Alan Napier
Commissioner Gordon:   Neil Hamilton
Police Chief O'Hara:   Stafford Repp
Harriet Cooper, Bruce's aunt:   Madge Blake
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl:   Yvonne Craig
Mayor John Lindseed:   Byron Keith
Mrs. Lindseed:   Jean Byron
Narrator:   William Dozier
The Penguin:   Burgess Meredith
The Joker:   Cesar Romero
The Riddler:   Frank Gorshin
  John Astin
The Catwoman:   Julie Newmar
  Lee Meriwether
  Eartha Kitt
Egghead:   Vincent Price
Mr. Freeze:   George Sanders
  Eli Wallach
  Otto Preminger
King Tut:   Victor Buono
Chandell:   Liberace
Shame:   Cliff Robertson
The Mad Hatter:   David Wayne
Lola Lasagne:   Ethel Merman
The Archer:   Art Carney
Lady Penelope Peasoup:   Glynis Johns
Lord Marmaduke Ffogg:   Rudy Vallee
Colonel Gumm:   Roger C. Carmel
The Black Widow:   Tallulah Bankhead
Dr. Cassandra:   Ida Lupino
Falseface:   Malachi Throne
The Sandman:   Michael Rennie
The Puzzler:   Maurice Evans
Sophie Starr:   Kathleen Crowley
Ma Parker:   Shelley Winters
Clock King:   Walter Slezak
The Minstral:   Van Johnson
The Siren:   Joan Collins
Marsha, Queen of Diamonds:   Carolyn Jones
Louie the Lilac:   Milton Berle
The Bookworm:   Roddy McDowall
Minerva:   Zsa Zsa Gabor

Inheriting a vast fortune after his parents are
killed by a gangster, Bruce Wayne vows to avenge
their deaths by spending his life fighting crime in
Gotham City. Cared for by Alfred, the family butler
and Harriet Cooper, his aunt. Bruce adopts the
orphaned, teenaged Dick Greyson. Together they
adopt the guises of "Batman" and "Robin"
forming "The Dynamic Duo".

Stories relate their crusade against the sinister
forces of evil. Whenever their services were needed,
Police Commissioner Gordon could summon them with
the searchlight-like Batsignal or call them on
the special Batphone. In addition to the underground
Batlab, they used a marvelously equipped car, the
Batmobile, to chase and apprehend criminals.


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