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At 6:12am we were securely moored at the Forward Rail Road Dock in Skagway.
Skagway, AlaskaSapphire Princess docked in Skagway, AlaskaWhitepass Railway, Skagway Alaska

I had a couple of hours before my first shore excursion so I walked
around Skagway before all the people on the four cruise ships docked in town woke up.
Skagway Street Car CompanyRed Onion Saloon, Skagway, AlaskaGolden North Hotel, Skagway, Alaska

Skagway (originally spelled Skaguay) is from the Tlingit name for the area, "Skagua." The name
has several meanings, "the place where the north wind blows," "stiffly wind-rippled water," etc.
Broadway Street, Skagway, AlaskaGold Rush MonumentSkagway, Alaska

In 1897 gold was discovered in the Klondike and the first boatload of prospectors landed in Skagway.
Broadway Street, Skagway, AlaskaSkagway, AlaskaSkagway small boat harbor

7 minute video of Skagway, Alaska.
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I took to the skies again in Skagway with Temsco Helicopter's Glacier Discovery Tour.
Temsco Helicopters, SkagwayWaterfall along Lynn Canal from helicopterLynn Canal from helicopter

We flew over many mountains and glaciers before arriving at our landing spot.
Glacier near SkagwayGlacier near SkagwayTwin Glaciers

We landed on Meade Glacier. The helicopters picked up the passengers they left on the previous trip.
Landing on Meade GlacierOur Guides on Meade GlacierMountains surrounding Meade Glacier

We had 40 minutes on the glacier before the helicopters returned to pick us up.
Crevasse on Meade GlacierHelicopters returning to pick us upMeade Glacier

After takeoff we flew toward the Lynn Canal and Haines, Alaska.
Meade Glacier just after takeoffMountains near Haines, AlaskaHaines, Alaska from helicopter

We took a right at Haines and flew up the Lynn Canal back to Skagway.
Glacier poolLynn Canal from HelicopterSkagway just before landing

11 minute video of my helicopter journey to Meade Glacier.
Click on the İYouTube player below to watch the video.

After returning to Skagway I took a high speed catamaran to Glacier Point.
Skagway just before landingChilkat ExpressSapphire Princess and Serenade of the Seas

Lynn Canal is the deepest fjord in North America and one of the deepest and longest in the world.
There are numerous cascading waterfalls along the canal.
Waterfall on Lynn CanalWaterfall on Lynn CanalWaterfall on Lynn Canal

It took 40 minutes to get down to Glacier Point from Skagway on the Chilkat Express.
Haines, AlaskaGlacier Point, AlaskaGlacier Point, Alaska

After a short scenic drive and a quarter mile hike the forest opens up to the Davidson Glacier.
Glacier Point wildernessDavidson GlacierDavidson Glacier

We paddled our canoes out to the face of the glacier with bald eagles flying overhead.
AgnusDavidson GlacierEagle

It was a beautiful and peaceful trip, we returned to Skagway the same way we came.
Davidson GlacierWaterfall on Lynn CanalMoon over Lynn Canal

Got back to the ship just in time to sail down the Lynn Canal as the sun was setting on another great day.
Sunset over Lynn CanalHaines, AlaskaSunset over Lynn Canal

11 minute video of my wilderness safari to Davidson Glacier.
Click on the İYouTube player below to watch the video.

Hello Everyone,

It was another fantastic day in southeast Alaska. Today's port of call was Skagway. A small town of about 800 people just south of the Yukon border. There were a total of four cruise ships in port today, so the tourists out numbered the locals about ten to one.

Of course the first order of business today was another helicopter flight. It was another beautiful flight. We loaded up four helicopters and flew out to the Mead Glacier and landed. After we got out of the helicopters they loaded the people who they brought out on the previous flight and flew them back to Skagway. After the choppers left we had about 45 minutes to explore the glacier before they came back to pick us up. It was fun walking about the glacier and looking down the crevices that go down hundreds of feet. The guides on the glacier were wonderful. College kids that work up here in the summer. They spend 12 hours a day standing out on that glacier, usually in the rain, although we didn't have that problem today as the weather was great. Today's attached picture is from the helicopter showing one of the many glaciers we flew over today.

After returning to Skagway I walked around town a bit. It's a neat little town from the old gold rush days but not really a whole lot to do in the town itself unless you like to shop in those tourist shops. I did a little of that. I found some eagles I would have liked to add to my eagle collection, but didn't know where I would put them so I didn't buy anything and headed back to the ship for lunch.

After lunch I took a very interesting but unusual tour. About thirty of us boarded a high speed catamaran which took us about forty miles down Lynn Canal to Glacier Point. When you get off the boat there is no pier or anything. They just beach the boat and throw out a plank. As the guides helped us off the boat they welcomed us to the middle of nowhere. There are 12 residents living at Glacier Point and they are the ones that run the tour. They live there five months out of the year in cabins without running water, electricity or any modern conveniences. Half the fun of the tour was listening to their stories about roughing it in the wilderness. Especially the lead guide, a crusty character with a long beard. After getting off the boat we hiked up the beach and boarded an old school bus which had been converted into an all-terrain vehicle. We took about a twenty minute ride through a dense forrest. After getting off the bus they suited us up with boots and life jackets and we continued through the forrest on foot. When we reached the lake we boarded canoes and paddled out to the face of the glacier. It was a really neat experience being deep in the middle of the wilderness with bald eagles flying overhead and a beautiful glacier a stones throw in front of us. We were gone for over six hours and got back to our ship five minutes past curfew. Since it was a Princess sanctioned tour we didn't think they would sail without us.

I have 52 hours left on the ship but today was the last port of call. We spend most of tomorrow cruising Glacier Bay.

More Later,


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